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We are a PRS phone service which connects you to the telephone number immediately. Calls are charged at 13p per minute from a landline and 20p per minute from a mobile phone such as Vodafone, See phone company price plans

We are not associated with the companies featured on this site. The site has been created to help customers looking for a companies telephone number for their customer service team. A lot of businesses these days prefer customers to make contact via email which isn’t always suitable. The numbers are not free to use, the 0871 number belong to us but redirect to the company of your choice.

Call Charges

Mobile Phone Charges

Vodafone - 20 pence per minute

EE - 13 pence per minute

Orange - 13 pence per minute

T-Mobile - 13 pence per minute

BT - 30 pence permute

Virgin Media - 36 pence per minute

Landline Charges

BT - 13 pence per minute

Virgin Media - 10.15 pence per minute

We aim to wholly comply with legislation provided by PhonepayPlus and Ofcom to ensure our service is fully understood, fairly priced and fast . More details about our website can be found in the about us section.

If you find a problem with the number, please let us know via the contact form.

Please use the review form to add a review of myHermes. Our reviews are scored out of 5 and you can add some free text about the service you’ve received.

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James T BROWN CBE says:

Just opened a package from my brother NORMAN BROWN sent from AUCHTERARDER PERTHSHIRE (DOMED ANTIQUE CLOCK, to find the glass dome completely shattered! NO ONE HAS RETURNED MY CALLS!! 01737830955


Gail Cohen says:

Appalling . Three days of saying unable to find address- no phone call no contact . No way of reaching you despite entering the correct number 100 times. Disgusting service . Every other delivery finds the address or makes contact - I will make sure o spr


Dave Paradine says:

Your service in my area-Torquay, has become totally unreliable. I have had 3 items turn up late and a return item which the driver refused to pick up when he delivered a parcel. I have advised the suppliers of my concerns.


Andrew Jones says:

Waited 20 minutes for them to communicate via their web chat system, then waitied a further 20 minutes to get them to talk in the web help. no phone number to call to talk to a real person on their web site, and when I eventually found a number on the net



The items ordered TWO Rotating fans 16" both are not working. I did inform via website but still waiting to hear from them. One of the fan is not working The other I am unable to set it up. I need to return them, But there are nor leaflets to advice me


Monika Stenton says:

Extremely disappointed with international posting as tracked it: still in same place in UK after four days. Even more disappointed to find that MyHermes contact number charges 13 pence per minute for me to ask why them why. Previous package was delivered


nadine hardman hardman says:

couriers don't knock don't ring the doorbell and ive tried to make contact to no avail


Maureen Boden says:

I collected a parcel from Stretton Village Store Mon.I've received a txt from you today reminding me to collect my parcel? I'm awaiting an Order from La Reroute (placed it a few days ago). I rang the Store, I'm completely confusing the man who tells me to


Anne Williams says:

I am very disappointed with this service. Missed deliver on a parcel today said call the number below to rearrange no number on the card. Calling tomorrow but was going out all day but now have to stay in and wait for my parcel. I will be informing the co


Audrey Lam says:

I have been waiting two days for my parcel from Cotton Traders to arrive and still haven't received if yet.


Thonia Martin says:

In house all day. Emailed item would arrive between 11.00 and 15.00 hrs. About 16.40 heard noise. Item left in box next to door. No one rang bell. On tracking said customer signed. NO I DID NOT. BELL IN SITTING ROOM WHERE I WAS ALL AFTERNOON. NOT GOOD ENO