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0871 703 7217

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Other DVLA Contact Numbers

0871 703 7217 Drivers Line

0871 703 8654 Vehicles Line

0871 703 8655 Medical Line

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DVLA Address & Contact Details

DVLA, Swansea, SA6 7JL

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More about DVLA

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) launched forty years ago, taking over responsibility from the Local Authorities of the UK. They deal with everything motoring and driving related from licensing to speeding tickets. You can contact them through the DVLAís phone number 0871 703 7217. You can find the vehicle information under the motoring section in Direct Gov. You can find information about registering a vehicle, exporting or importing a vehicle, or vehicle crime. For the vehicles line, DVLAís contact number is 0871 703 7217.

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Is there a way I can call and speak to DVLA for free? You would need to call them on a 0800 phone number. 0800 phone calls are free from UK landlines, but not from mobile networks. Ofcom introduced 03 numbers, such as 0345 to make calling from mobiles cost the same as 01 and 02. Most consumers will agree these numbers are incredibly tricky to find, and that is if they exist at all. You can call DVLA right now on 0871 703 7217.

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Reviews for DVLA Customer Services

DVLA 4.4091 out of 5 based on 22 user reviews.
DVLA 5 out of 5 steven rees 26 Apr 2012 "verry good service only took a few minites very helpfull"
DVLA 5 out of 5 ian colligan 05 Mar 2012 "very good adviser knew my question putting myself at ease "

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DVLA 5 out of 5 Nigel Wheeler 27 Feb 2012 "Excellent and very helpful"
DVLA 3 out of 5 ian campbell 20 Feb 2012 "ok ,but dont machines do your head in.I really wanted to speek to an advisor.Anyway sorted in the end ta"
DVLA 5 out of 5 joan van der pyll 16 Feb 2012 "excellent service Paul very helpfull advisor thank you"
DVLA 5 out of 5 Simon 14 Feb 2012 "Only took 5 mins to get through & sort my problem out. The phone number cost 10p / min unlike another one that charges £1.53/min alway check the small print."
DVLA 5 out of 5 cheqoo@btinternet.com 11 Feb 2012 "fantastic fast friendly responce, obtained my driving licence number in seconds for crb, 5 star dvla thanks"
DVLA 5 out of 5 Marianne Hasseck 10 Feb 2012 "I have changed my mind, excellent service this morning and no wait."
DVLA 4 out of 5 kate davies 06 Feb 2012 "she was really polite, answered all my questions and was clear."
DVLA 5 out of 5 danny wilson 02 Feb 2012 "prompt advice from a most helpful lady.what a change from the service I normally get here in France where I live!"
DVLA 5 out of 5 Linda 01 Feb 2012 "not the first time i've contacted DVLA and once more found the response helpful and polite. I'm quick to complain when I feel aggrieved so think it's only fair to leave positive comments on receiving sound advice. Thanks team Swansea."
DVLA 4 out of 5 craig barker 31 Jan 2012 "i got a fast and poilte service"
DVLA 5 out of 5 mrs k molloy 31 Jan 2012 "lovely addvisor most helpful thanking you"
DVLA 4 out of 5 Jill Allen 11 Jan 2012 "Fast, efficient and a nice friendly operator Thankyou very much"
DVLA 5 out of 5 Paula Derouse 11 Jan 2012 "Pleased to say i didn't experince the same service as 'daniel'! Staff were very helpful and quick to answer all my questions. Many Thanks P"
DVLA 5 out of 5 Ellie 10 Jan 2012 "Very helpful, answered my question straight away and very polite"
DVLA 5 out of 5 Donovan Baker 10 Jan 2012 "Clear and concise, very little waiting time ,very helpful."
DVLA 4 out of 5 D Shaw 09 Jan 2012 "Quick connection and very helpful, thanks"
DVLA 3 out of 5 p .jones 09 Jan 2012 "i only wanted to speak to an advisor, why is this so difficult to do ? "
DVLA 5 out of 5 William McMillan 07 Jan 2012 "They were helpful and fast. Very polite."
DVLA 1 out of 5 daniel 06 Jan 2012 "shocking, so unhelpful and expensive"
DVLA 4 out of 5 Dave Rodgers 05 Jan 2012 "Thank you, for your help "