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08431 781 481

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The Child Support Agency (CSA) is the contribution from a non-resident parent that is paid to the person whom the child lives with. The CSA's function is twofold. The first is enclosing calculation of how much child maintenance is due and collection, and the second is constraint and transferring the payment from the non-resident parent to the person with care. For the CSA to become involved in a case, their services must be requested by one of the parents. If you need to get in touch, the CSA's phone number is 08431 781 481. The CSA provide impartial information and support to help both parents make informed choices about child maintenance. The Child Support Agency also can provide help and advice for both parents. The CSA's contact number is 08431 781 481.

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Is there a way I can call and speak to CSA for free? You would need to call them on a freephone 0800 phone number. 0800 phone calls are free from UK landlines, but not from mobile networks. Ofcom introduced 03 numbers, such as 0345 to make calling from mobiles cost the same as 01 and 02. Most consumers will agree these numbers are incredibly tricky to find, and that is if they exist at all. You can call CSA right now on 08431 781 481.

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