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0871 703 8639

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BT Sport is the new collection of channels from British Telecom which features two new sport channels as well as bundling ESPN. You get exclusive access to 38 premier league games which includes 18 of the top picks, or best games if you like! All 69 Aviva Premiership rubgy games are also included as well as over 20 WTA tennis matches from around the world. Existing BT broadband customer get BT Sport for free so make sure you sign up on the BT website in time to enjoy the football season. There have been a number of issues reported with the BT Sport channels ranging from coming soon message, viewing card errors and glitches with their receiver boxes. The best thing to do is to call BT Sport on the above phone number and discuss your issues or problems with a dedicated member of their customer services team.

BT Sport Contact Address

BT Correspondence Centre

Providence Row


DH98 1BT

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Is there a way I can call and speak to BT Sport for free? You would need to call them on a freephone 0800 phone number. 0800 phone calls are free from UK landlines, but not from mobile networks. Ofcom introduced 03 numbers, such as 0345 to make calling from mobiles cost the same as 01 and 02. Most consumers will agree these numbers are incredibly tricky to find, and that is if they exist at all. You can call BT Sport right now on 0871 703 7221.