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We are a PRS phone service which connects you to the telephone number immediately. Calls are charged at 13p per minute from a landline and 20p per minute from a mobile phone such as Vodafone, See phone company price plans

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Call Charges

Mobile Phone Charges

Vodafone - 20 pence per minute

EE - 13 pence per minute

Orange - 13 pence per minute

T-Mobile - 13 pence per minute

BT - 30 pence permute

Virgin Media - 36 pence per minute

Landline Charges

BT - 13 pence per minute

Virgin Media - 10.15 pence per minute

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Suzanne says:

Extremely helpful, rectified the problem within minutes.


Gloria Forde says:

I was having problems with my Kindle and Order accounts and was treated with patience by person on helpline who was able to resolve my difficulties.


Rita says:

Wow great service. I called this number and by the end of the call a new replacement Kindle was ohn its way. A+ customer service . Thank you


Mary Sutton says:

Very helpful and efficient staff - particularly Josh


frank falls 9 nov.2012 says:

fast and efficient answer to my quiry.


claire sinicka says:

i had trouble getting my books back after i'd updated. the technician was patient and very helpful. he talked me through the process and soon put everything right. it's so reassuring to have such helpfulness available. thank you.


k e lofthouse says:

very helpful & patient